Welcome to Flipperikellari Open 2023

Flipperikellari Open 2023 takes place in Helsinki, Finland 4th to 7th May 2023.

During the weekend three tournaments are played - warmup, main and pingolf. Please find more information below.

Flipperikellari Open Main tournament is an IFPA certified tournament and part of the Finnish Championship Series (FINCS) 2023.

General registration for Flipperikellari Open 2023 weekend starts on 2 April 2023 at 8 pm (UTC+2). For international players: mail your name and IFPA# to flipperikellari@gmail.com For Finnish players: www.flipperit.net

Entry fee payment for all tournaments at the venue

Flipperikellari Open 2023 Main tournament

Qualifications: Best Game, 24 different machines, all attempts count. Machines will be predraw for each player from three different eras/banks.

You may freely choose your qualification slot or even play during several slots. However, please note that all qualification games must be finalised by the end of the last slot.

32 players advance to playoffs, playoffs on Saturday 6 May from 6 pm onwards.

Playoffs: 4 player groups play 3 machines. Three best in the group choose one machine each. Two best from the group advance.

Final: 4 players and 4 games, all players choose one machine each for the final.

Entry fee 30€, player limit 100, TGP 250%

Warm Up tournament on Friday 5 May 2023

Five hours of four player group matchplay, no finals.

Tournament starts at 6 pm and no new round after 11 pm.

Entry fee 15€, player limit 100.

Pingolf tournament on Sunday 7 May 2023

18 holes pingolf, 16 players advance to playoffs

Playoffs: 4 player group 3 holes pingolf, 2 best from the group advance

Qualification from 9 am to 3(4) pm, playoffs and final directly after qualification.

Entry fee 20€, player limit 100, TGP estimate 144%


Thursday 4 May
5 pm to 11 pm Main Tournament Qualification Slot 1
Friday 5 May
10 am to 5 pm Main Tournament Qualification Slot 2
6 pm to 11 pm Warm Up Tournament
Saturday 6 May
9 am to to 5 pm Main Tournament Qualification Slot 3
6 pm to 11 pm Main Tournament Playoffs
Sunday 7 May
9 am to 4 pm Pingolf Qualification
4 pm to 7 pm Pingolf Playoffs and Final

Flipperikellari is located in Käpylä, Helsinki. Address is Pohjolankatu 43, 00610 Helsinki. You'll find us downstairs of the Alepa grocery store (the stairs down to the basement at the backyard of the Alepa building).

Public transportation is frequent and easy to use, please use www.hsl.fi/en to plan your arrival. Please get your ticket in advance, if using public transportation. Free parking available.

Flipperikellari reserves the right to change or update the formats and other details of the daily tournaments for example based on the amount of participants.